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The Future is Digital for Acquiring In-house Talent
Why legal is ready for a digital experience
The digital revolution is upon us. As consumers, we buy cars online and we shop for and schedule with doctors digitally. As businesses, we procure services through technology. The legal industry, however, hasn’t yet crossed the digital divide.

Sure, attorneys leverage technology more than they ever have before, but we haven’t become digital buyers of legal talent or services, yet. But what if there was a way to digitally hire legal talent and/or procure legal services that were specifically designed to acknowledge and address legal’s nuances? Would that allow lawyers to become digital consumers? The answer is yes.

Axiom’s research uncovered those in-house lawyers are hungry for a sophisticated, risk-mitigating, and efficient digital buying option. And they’re ready for it now.

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  • Why legal is ready for a digital experience
  • What that experience would look like
  • The benefits of a digital bench

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