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How To Dominate Googles New Human A.I. To Find New Clients

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You may not know it, but computers are deciding which clients to send you, and which clients to send to your competitors. These computers are working very hard to be more human, so that they can serve search results that a human would want.

We have implemented a secret marketing strategy, and the results shocked us. In this document you’ll discover:

  • How in just 30 days an attorney increased their position by 87 spots in Google for various search terms.
  • How another attorney was discovered for 139 new search terms in just 60 days.
  • The most profitable keyword in Google: This attorney was buried below page 5, and shot up to the top three for ‘personal injury attorney’ in 90 days.
  • How a bankruptcy attorney dominated his city with #1 spots for the search term ‘bankruptcy attorney’.
  • And how a personal injury attorney skyrocketed from page 4 to page 1 for ‘auto accident attorney’