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GCR Survey Report: Investigations, Data and Compliance

New survey provides deep insights into the short-term and long-term impact of the pandemic on global antitrust and compliance investigations.

The pandemic and its ripple effects have impacted us all in many ways, including how we work. Suddenly, millions of workers worldwide made the shift to remote work - adopting new schedules, communication systems, and business practices. Antitrust practitioners were no different.

In this joint report from the Global Competition Review and FTI Technology, “Investigations, Data and Compliance” findings from a comprehensive survey are discussed highlighting the impact of the pandemic on global antitrust and compliance investigations and the attorneys responsible for conducting them.

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  • Global perspectives on the lasting impact of the pandemic on antitrust investigations
  • Key trends shaping the future of competition law and compliance programs
  • Considerations for collecting, reviewing and analyzing large volumes of cloud-based data remotely

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