Complimentary White Paper

The General Counsel Report 2022, Part 2: Culture Development and Team Management
Leading with endurance through risk, culture and technology challenges.
Previous General Counsel studies revealed that the trials from the past two years were critical in preparing legal teams with the endurance needed to face a myriad of emerging expectations and challenges. In this year's GC Report, we explore three critical areas that will soon dominate time and resources: risk, culture and technology.

In a three-part series, The 2022 General Counsel Report: Leading with Endurance Through Risk, Culture and Technology Challenges covers what can be described as a triathlon of challenges grouped into three distinct areas or events. Each demanding CLOs and GCs to expand their breadth of understanding and accelerate positive change.

Part two of the report gives insight on how GCs are embracing the responsibility of culture development and department management with an increased focus on the overall well-being of employees.

If you missed the first part of the report covering in-depth the widening risk landscape concerning GCs, you will receive a complimentary download along with your download of part two.

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