Complimentary Report

The IAPP Annual Privacy Governance Report 2020

The IAPP Privacy Governance Report is the primary annual study benchmarking the privacy profession.

Now in its sixth year, the report takes a deep dive into the leadership structures, core functions, staff and budgets, and tasks and priorities of privacy programs around the globe. It provides key metrics on ongoing compliance with core pieces of privacy legislation and the effects of recent legal rulings and guidance from data protection authorities on processing operations.

Throughout 2020, privacy professionals were focused on wrestling with the complicated links between working during a global pandemic and the data protection and privacy risks that have emerged as a result. In parallel, legislative activity on the data privacy front was accelerated among state and federal authorities around the world, creating a confluence of challenges and concerns for privacy professionals to prioritize. The Governance Report provides in-depth analysis of the effects of this complex landscape on corporate privacy departments as well as a snapshot of how (and how well) privacy teams are responding.

Download a complimentary copy to examine the data and its implications, including major survey themes such as:

  • The pandemic’s specific effects on privacy departments
  • Privacy budget increases and staffing resilience
  • Approaches to and rates of compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and the growing number of privacy laws around the world
  • Effects of the “Schrems II” decision on corporations’ data transfer mechanisms and processes

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