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Complimentary Report

2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey

Benchmarking in-house approaches to litigation and discovery, outside counsel management, and cost reduction

How are corporate legal departments handling the pressure to "do more with less"? How are their approaches to litigation, discovery, and investigations evolving? And where do they see the greatest opportunities—and challenges?

We asked.

Logikcull's 2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey brings together new insights and benchmarks on corporate legal practices. Thanks to the candid responses of dozens in-house legal departments, this report sets new benchmarks and best practices on cost-control measures, outside counsel management, discovery timelines and much more.

Download your copy to access benchmarking data on:

  • The typical in-house team's litigation profile
  • The most effective cost-control strategies
  • Barriers to bringing work in house
  • Strategies for managing outside counsel
  • And more!

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