There’s every chance you’ve experienced pain points in your legal operations, and perhaps you’ve even begun identifying the right legal tech solution to overcome them. But like any other business function, it’s also likely that you’ll have to prepare a business case to help influence stakeholders on why the tech you’ve chosen is the best option and, ultimately, to get sign-off for the investment.

In this white paper, we’ll guide you through building a business case for legal technology in six easy steps and provide access to a free downloadable business case template. In no time you’ll be influencing stakeholders on why investing in the right legal tech solution will solve inefficiencies for your team.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How to identify the pain points that you need to solve for with tools such as the legal efficiency and time savings calculator
  • How to identify the requirements of your legal function and the wider business
  • How to propose the preferred solution with a free downloadable business case template
  • What to do if you’re successful (or not) with your business case
  • How to ensure you’ll experience time to value and ROI quickly
How to Build a Business Case for Legal Technology

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